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Consider the Plan

Five Steps to Activation

Step 1 - Read the Books

Participants receive all twelve Seth Returns eBooks

Step 2 - Connect on Sundays

Participate in the Seth World Meditation

Step 3 - Embody the Precepts

Incorporate the Seth Precepts into daily living

Step 4 - Practice the Seth Teaching

Make your Practice a daily thing

Step 5 - Activation

Receive Activation from Seth via telephone

What is it?

What is a Seth Activation

A Seth Activation is a self-awakening project of study, meditation and focused Intent the purpose of which is to establish a relationship of support and guidance with Seth the non-physical guide.

The Five Steps...

Seth Library

Read the Books. Participants will receive all twelve of the Seth Returns eBooks. You do not need to memorize the material but an understanding of the basics that Seth covers in his books is important.

Seth Library

Connect on Sundays. The Seth World Meditation, held each Sunday at Noon Pacific, is an easy way to begin to connect with Seth. Learn how to hold a space for the Seth Activation that occurs in Step 5.

Seth Library

Embody the Precepts. "You create your own reality," is the first Precept. There are thirteen other Seth Precepts. You can read about them in the 3rd book we wrote with Seth titled Thought Reality.

Seth Library

Practice the Seth Teaching. Practice Courageous Loving in your waking reality. How do you tell when you are prepared for the Activation? You will have some mastery. You will feel an increase in confidence and strength.

Seth Library

Activation. Activation is not a passive exercise. You will encounter Seth on a moment-to-moment basis and become a conduit for his energy. You will become a receiver for The Seth Frequency.

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Praise for the Seth Activations

Jeremy in Los Angeles CA

"This could be the solution to the craziness of my working life."

Dore in Ontario

"Hey Mark, a note to let you know I am having some successes now that I have time to do the work instead of my job. :) Thanks to you and Seth for this."

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