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We first started writing books with Seth back in 2002, shortly after the events of 9/11. Seth returned at that time, almost twenty years after the death of his first co-author, Jane Roberts, thinking that we could use some guidance after the tragedy that shook the world. Now it is eleven books later and Seth is still providing the Truth to our readers, our phone clients and those who attend our public events.

Seth Returns is the only place you can find all twelve of the new Seth paperback books and eBooks. You can read our eBooks on any computer that has the FREE Adobe Reader installed as well as on most of the portable electronic readers. We will eMail your eBooks to you as soon as possible after you order.

Binaural Beats

Reality Change CDs

Binaural Beats + Audible & Subliminal Affirmations

A series of thrteen powerful Guided Meditations created with Seth according to the principles he discusses in his new books.

To increase the positive effects we have added Binaural Beats and Subliminal Affirmations to the mix, as these technologies have proven effective in allowing students to access and successfully reprogram the subconscious mind.

Each CD has two Programs.

DAY PROGRAM Listen to the Day Program during your waking period. It begins with the Sanctuary and Calling in the Guides rituals narrated by Mark Allen Frost, the Voice of Seth. The remainder of the program contains the relevent Seth Precepts, spoken at first audibly and then faded into Subliminals.

NIGHT PROGRAM Listen to the Night Program right before sleeping. It is a simple surfscape with the subliminal Seth Precepts in the background.

"Soul Mate. Today I was out and about and must say I kept feeling/expecting I was going to meet 'someone'. Felt really good.... i.e. a low level expectation that something good was going to happen. Kept me on my toes in an exciting way."
Jay in North Carolina

"Hello Mark and Seth! I really enjoy the two subliminal Cd's I recently purchased, the one on dreams seems to really put me in a deeper sleep and my dreams seem so much more vivid with a better recall of conversations and the sense of feel, smell and taste have also awakened."
Raymond in Albuquerque

Soul Mate

I am meeting my Soul Mate. As I look for my partner my partner looks for me. I now accept and heal my Issues around relationships. As a Lover, I naturally attract friends, Lovers and potential Soul Mates.
Soul Mate Only $10.00


I create my body and I now create my healthy body. Each cell in my body is renewed, restored and revived. Every atom in my environment SUPPORTS my return to health.
Health Only $10.00


Humanity prospers as I prosper. Feelings of Lack or fear I now express as Love and Courage. I am a Love generator and this returns to me as prosperity. Like magic, I create wealth out of thin air.
Abundance Only $10.00


My Love powers the transformation of my Issues into Wisdom. Regardless of criticism from anyone I awaken NOW! I am open to helpful impulses from my other lives.
Awakening Only $10.00

Past Lives

I recognize people I meet as friends and family members from past lives. Fear and anxiety I now express as Love, Courage and openness. My memory regarding past lives greatly improves now.
Past Lives Only $10.00

Healing Trauma

I am now healing the trauma from the past. The past has no hold on me now. I now create my present moment in perfect freedom and safety. I alter my past to remove the trauma.
Healing Trauma Only $10.00

Ideal Weight

I create my reality and I now create my ideal weight. I honor my weight regimen as a path towards health and awakening. I awaken from my eating Trance before I take a bite of food.
Ideal Weight Only $10.00

Restful Sleep

I create the conditions I need for deep restful sleep. As I sleep my body is renewed, restored and revived. Every atom in my world supports natural healthy sleep. I am vital when needed.
Restful Sleep Only $10.00

Pain Relief

I create my body and I now create my body free of pain. I use my Intent to turn down the pain. I control my mind and so I easily control any pain. Its fun to exercise my pain relieving skills.
Pain Relief Only $10.00

Habit Clearing

I notice when I am entering my Habit Trance. Reasons for the negative habit make themselves known. I take care of myself by making a positive habit of eliminating the negative habit.
Habit Clearing Only $10.00

Dream Self

I easily recall my dreams. I am learning how to decipher my dream symbols. I receive answers to my questions in my dreams. I expect to remember my dreams and so I do.
Dream Self Only $10.00

Magical Life

My Guides help me to do good for myself and others. Anything is possible. I ask and I receive. My Source leads me forward to create my highest vision. My Intent is powered by Spirit.
Magical Life Only $10.00

Wounded Healer

As I heal myself I learn how to help others. I recognize my wound and what it means. My life is a school in which I learn how to heal. I can see the cause of any illness in the Trance State.
Wounded Healer Only $10.00
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