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”Chemtrails” Are you awake to the geoengineering projects carried out by the Negative Leaders and their associates, including the chemtrailing effort visible directly overhead? Seth has talked about this for many years. And my wife Carol Joy wrote a ground-breaking article on chemtrails back in 2002 when she was a writer for the Coastal Post Newspaper. That's 17 years ago, folks. You can read the article on our site by clicking here. HAARP Chemtrails and New Weather Wars

If you look up and see nothing wrong with the skies, then you are still sleeping. If you believe that the white trails that cover the sky are made of water vapor, you are still sleeping. You are still in the Common Trance of obedience, denial and complicity with the Negative Leaders.

Does that sound harsh? Consider this: People in my line of work: channels, mystics, alt researchers comprise a small percentage of the world's population; less than 10 percent. Part of our collective mission is to wake people up to the tragedy that is unfolding above them. Sometimes the only way to get people to wake up is to stun them with the facts, to startle them with the dire reality that is unfolding around them. Educate yourself if you are not already aware of the geoengineering efforts of the Negative Leaders.

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This youtube Visionary Leader, 1PacificRedwood, will show you how the weather controllers create drought in California. They use their technologies to dry up the moisture over California before it gets a chance to fall onto the land as rain. What is their motivation? Why are they doing this? You will discover the answers to these questions on your own as you do your research.


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