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Are you awake to The Energy Revolution? Genius researchers, brainiac inventors, innovators and gifted amateurs from all points of the globe are spreading the empowering message that Energy is FREE. And we're talking about electricity, the energy you use to power your toaster or your T.V. This development is bad news for the global elite owners of the power companies of the world and their shareholders. Good news of course for we folk, the Average Citizens of the world.

Paul Babcock, one of these genius inventor/researchers, dropped by the Seth Returns office recently on his way back to his home in Washington after a conference in Southern California. We chatted for hours about his work, his history and his dreams for the future.

Paul and Carol

Paul credits Seth, of both the Roberts and Seth Returns books, as a huge inspiration in his work over the years. The great scientist, inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla also looms large in Paul's discussions of mentors, both physical and non-physical, while on the Alt Energy Path.

We talked a bit about the role of the Speaker in the Seth Teaching. You may remember that the Speaker is the Truth Teller personified. Seth told us that Speaker Types were going to lead us out of the Middle Ages in our lifetime. Paul is definately a Speaker and it sounds like his crew are Speakers too.

Contact Information

To find out all about Paul's inventions and ground-breaking research, visit his website at the following link.

Nikola Tesla

And you could spend hours researching Tesla. You really go down the rabbit hole. What a life and what a guy. Go through the links below to get started if you are not yet familiar.

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