Welcome to Seth Returns

Seth is a non-physical author and educator who inhabits dimensions beyond our 3-D reality. You could say that he resides in our future and it is from that unique perspective that he observes our activities here on Earth and offers guidance. He has a witty sense of humor. He can be loving and compassionate. He is very prolific, having written more than 26 books with his three co-authors.

Seth is here to teach us how to use our powers of manifestation wisely. In his works over several decades he reminds us of our inner truth: that we are powerful beings, responsible for the literal creation of our Personal Realities.

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What We Offer

To assist in your awakening, we offer the following Transformative Tools: the eleven new Books we have written with Seth, ”Books” exclusive Phone Readings with Seth himself, ”Readings the Reality Change Series of guided meditations on compact disk and our new addition, the Seth Video Blog. ”CDs” ”VBlog”