Fear and Courage

Mark on 2-2-2017
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” If you've ever visited this website or read our books, you know that the subjects of fear and courage are popular here at Seth Returns. In each of all of the eleven books he has written with us, Seth has added to his theory of what these states of consciousness are and given suggestions on how to work with them.

Life purpose
Broadly speaking, even though we are "founded" in Love, Seth says that we are on this planet to experience the Negative Emotions, such as fear and anger and transform them into their opposites: Courage and Loving Understanding. Ideally, we are always returning to Love. That is our collective mission.

But obviously, each of us is at our own stage of evolving, of Soul Evolution, as Seth calls it. So some of us are sleeping and some of us are awakening. That makes our individual missions in life, our reasons for being here, quite different.

Issues and Lessons
To further extend this description, Seth uses the New Age terms Young Soul and Old Soul to describe the differences between people who are sleeping or awakening at this time. In broad terms, a Young Soul is reactionary in the moment, coming from a place of fear, anger and ego. The Old Soul is more contemplative in the moment, coming from a place of courage, love and Soul/Spirit. One perspective is not any better or worse than the other, each simply reflects the stage of development of the user.

The spiritual Practitioner that Seth talks about in his new books is the person that approaches life in a ritual fashion. Life has meaning. Like is a type of investigation in which one looks to uncover the Truth of oneself and one's world. The Practitioner feels emotions, like everyone else, but they attempt to discover where the emotions come from in the moment. Why are we angry? Why are we afraid in this current moment? It does not do to simply repress, stuff, blame others or deny the emotions. That simply makes matters worse, for the unspoken resentments that build over time in this repression of the Negative Emotions can be quite harmful to the self. The repressed material congeals, in away, and drags us down. It attains a separate power within the identity Seth calls the Negative Persona.

Lately, Seth has been talking a lot about the paradox of existence. We are in the arena, of sorts, of physical reality. All of us are subject to the pull of the Negative and the Positive. The Practitioner attains the center within these two polarities and holds it. They participate in the energy transformation of fear into courage, of anger into love, of Poison into Medicine. Using the same metaphor, the Young Soul in the arena becomes consumed with matters of ego, anger and fear. They are not holding the center. They are not turning Poison into Medicine, they are living off of the poison.

Momentary Choices
The woman in the illustration above seems to be considering how to "be" within the moment of perception. A storm is coming. This provides a possible reason to be afraid. Yet the tree, vibrant and strong, provides a possible reason to be strong and courageous. Will she be like the Young Soul and react in fear or will she be like the Old Soul and react courageously? It is the choice in the current Spacious Moment - the Moment Point - that means everything. What we decide to do NOW, can have profound consequences for us within the next unfolding moments of living. Talk to you next month.

And We Do Not Fear - Roerich ”And

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