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”Coast-to-Coast-AM-Logo” 2-6-15 Coast to Coast AM Radio Interview with George Noory, Seth and Mark Allen Frost


”The 8-13-15 The Moore Show from Great Britain. Mr. Moore Interviews Mark Allen Frost


”Seth MP3 Files of Cas Smith and Mark Allen Frost Channeling Seth
Hour Long KPFZ Radio Interview with Mark Allen Frost
From July 4th 2008 (20 minutes each)




First Sessions with Cas as Seth (1 to 40 mins)
From March to May of 2002
To see the original video of these sessions go to our youtube page

Wider Audience - :55
Seth talks about the 911 book as "dumbing it down,"
making it less intellectual and appealing more to the emotions,
than his first books. He says he wanted to see how the new version of Seth
would go over with readers.

Brought Cas to You - 1:08
Recorded while Cas spoke for Seth with her eyes closed.
"How do you perceive us?"
:22 "I see you as your Soul Entity with your current body in this time and frame."
First use of time frame
1:02 "I brought Cas to you Mark."

Collaborate - 1:23
We discuss the possiblity of creating a 911 Book.

Indeed I Am - :34
From the First few moments of the First Session. Seth identifies himself as
the Seth who spoke through Jane Roberts.

Jane and Rob - 2:28
Seth explains how to keep Cas in trance as compared to the way he worked with Jane Roberts.
1:42 Seth tells us we do not need to put timestamps in the material.
2:00 Seth speaks about Joseph (Robert Butts)

Jane Roberts - 2:04
Seth tells us how to schedule sessions.
He says that smoking had something to do with the death of Jane Roberts.
2:01 "I warned her many times."

Known Cas - 1:10
1:05 "I've been in other lives with Cas."

Sime Lives - 6:41
Seth describes how to send out energy to yourself when you were a
 child from your present Point of Power. Your future selves are sending messages
to you here in your present. Seth talks about the illustration he created for the 911 book.

Souls - 7:02
Seth answers a question from Mark on Soul Age, as in Young Soul and Old Soul.
Seth's answer and Mark's question were included in the 911 book.

Sumari - 9:20
Seth compares the speed of his speech through Cas as compared to Jane Roberts.
"Joseph wrote everything by hand, therefore I tried to keep this in mind." Seth talks about
putting the information on the books into our heads. "I am bringing the information to you daily,
while you sleep."
7:11 Cas spontaneously begins to sing in Sumari.

4th Session - 10:18
How we will communicate with Seth and how we will create books.
"Are you Seth 1 or Seth 2?"
:33 "I am THE Seth the one you are familiar with."
1:44 "Is that going to make a different presentation of your energy
through Cas than through Jane Roberts. Will that be different because
you've had other experiences and time has passed... theoretically?"
"Theoretically... time. Right.
2:10 There IS no time."
7:37 "I suppose there is a way to draw light."
Later that day Cas sketched the Seth Light Body in my office.
I scanned that and incorporated it into the cover for book II.
9:20 "You notice I do not speak with the accent, either."
At that date I had not yet heard Seth speak in an accent.
I hadn't heard or seen the Seth Tapes and neither had Cas.
We did not know what he was talking about.

Session 5 - 10:05
Seth dictates material for the 911 Book.

Session 6 - 46:40
:53 The pituitary gland as the point of entry for divine information.
2:50 "As I meld with her being, certain physical changes do happen naturally on their own."

IGBOL and Sumari - 21:56
Begins with Cas speaking in Sumari.
Then she translates into English.
It's the Intergalactic Brotherhood of Light speaking in Sumari from
the 5th and 6th dimensions.
They are Arcturian. Are you a Starseed?
9:40 "Jimmy Carter is one of us."
12:50 "Sumari is a universal language used by all."
13:28 "When residing outside of the structures of the physical realms,
this is a common language. You know it. All of you know it.
You are unaware of it but you know it."
19:20 "I am from your future."