Seth Personalized Guided Meditations™

Includes Subliminals and Binaural Beats Technology

All of us have circular thoughts. According to Seth, these ongoing ruminations, along with the emotions and other sensory stimuli of consciousness, are the very basis of our created realities. In his theory, it is the intentional replacement of the negative circular thoughts with corrective thoughts that creates the improved reality.

Personalized Precepts -To create the scripts for these powerful MP3 narratives we will work with you to formulate your own personalized versions of the Seth Precepts. When we create your MP3 in the studio, Mark Allen Frost, the Voice of Seth, will read them back to you on a subliminal track that allows the messages to enter your subconscious without interferance.

Binaural Beats -The addition of Binaural Beats to the mix entrains the brain to synchronize the two brain hemispheres to a Theta Frequency. This is the pleasant state of consciousness that you experience when you are meditating at a deep level. So it is all automatic. Now you can focus on relaxation and the easy achievement of your goals rather than on whether you are reciting the Precepts accurately or worrying about the depth of your Trance. Our students have been asking for something like this for years. This is it.

"Wow! Very much worth the cost. Just what I needed to get clear and move forward on a number of personal and money-related issues. Love you Mark and Seth!"
Jennifer in Mt. Shasta California

Personalized Guided Meditation
Includes your choice of Good Humor Soundscape, Ocean Surf, Original New Age Music, or Environmental Sounds as your background. Each MP3 begins with the Ritual of Sanctuary and a Calling in of the Guides narrated by Mark Allen Frost. The remainder of the program contains your Personalized Precepts, spoken at first audibly and then faded into Subliminals. However, your subconscious hears and BELIEVES these messages directly without the censoring of the ego/intellect. You can anticipate positive changes in your reality in only a few days of regular listening.

Order Personalized Guided Meditation
Your goal can be about anything in your life you wish to accomplish. It should be something that is important to you and something you have been unable to completely manifest up until now. We will eMail you the Precept Worksheet and Background Selection links immediately after you order.

$120.00 USD

Return your Personalized Precepts and Background choices by eMail. It takes about one week to complete the recording. We will eMail you a download link to your MP3 when your project is complete. Thank you.