Waking Up in the Dark

by Mark on 11-13-2014
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” Here in our Lake County office, on the edge of a pine and oak forest, we hear the toads croaking underneath the cover of fall leaves. The squirrels are energetically leaping from tree to tree, stashing away food for the coming months. Our outdoor cats Stevie and Vanna Gogh are becoming more domestic as the temperatures drop. They are indoor cats now. The many types of birds that came to eat our sunflower seeds from the feeder have left for warmer climates. The critters are responding instinctively to the changing of the seasons.

Waiting for the Sun
And inside of this human critter, a kind of instinct exists also. I too have a need to prepare for the new season. I too am responding to the deep rhythms of nature. Like my cats I am sleeping more than I did in the summer months. Yes we will store food for the cold season, like the squirrels. And also like the animals, I suppose, I am holding a faithful expectation that the sun will return. Like the first squirrel, like the first cat and like the first human, I am doing what I have to do out of the necessity of the moment. I am responding to environmental cues to behave in a particular way. But inside, in Spirit, I have this positive expectation that the warm seasons will come again.

Talk to the Animals
The animals also have this positive expectation that the sun will rise again and warm the Earth. The animals are masters of the NOW moment that Seth talks about in his books. They are not distracted by the concerns of a past or a future. They do not have to meditate or do complex maneuvers to connect with All That Is, though sometimes it seems as though my cats are doing just that. They are always present and aware. I can see it in their eyes as we both inhabit the NOW moment.

Higher Consciousness
When I visited India in May of this year, I was greatly inspired by the holy people I met and their acknowledgement of Spirit in their daily lives. To them, each waking moment is thought of as an opportunity to express the Divine attributes. A little bit of this rubbed off on me and I was able to keep this state of consciousness on my return to the US. But it is a struggle to keep it front and center. It fluctuates dramatically as I respond to the concerns of the past and the future. These concerns generally fall under the broad category of DANGER. There are dangers of memory: unpleasant thoughts and images from the past that haunt me in my present. There are perceived dangers waiting for me in the future, should I act or not act in specific instances. And we ARE living in challenging times. We have deranged leaders with their fingers on the nuclear buttons. And I am talking about the US, here, not necessarily the other potential doomsdayers out there in their respective countries, those whom we identify as "nuclear threats." But I digress...

I AM the Danger
I am reminded of the character in Breaking Bad. When asked by his wife if he was in danger, he replied, and I paraphrase, "I am not IN danger, I AM the danger." I identify with Walt. I AM the danger too. Whenever I am not in the Divine Moment with All That Is, I am certainly a danger to my own peace of mind. And because I am connected to everyone else in the collective reality, when I am not in the Divine Moment, I represent a danger to world peace. I don't think I am exaggerating this effect too much here. WE are the danger, my fellow humans. Or more specifically... the entitled collective we call the modern human, and the collective of negative world leaders and their obedient people, we ARE the danger. When we forget our natural connection to the Earth and all of her inhabitants, when we lose track of natural time and begin to believe in our artificial time constructs, such as Daylight Savings Time and even the Gregorian Calendar, WE are the danger: not the perceived enemy, not the indistinct Other that we are invited to hate by our leaders and by our Negative Media.

An Inside Job
To paraphrase again, "There is nothing to fear except ourselves when we are divided from Spirit and from our own natural rhythms of creation." And as Seth told us in a private session many years ago, "You have the whole of the spiritual traditions of the world within your personal consciousness: the Ancient Wisdom communication stream. You may always turn to this repository of the Divine for nourishment and support."

That is certainly comforting. Now I think I will begin reading one of those inspirational books that I promised myself I would read over the spring and summer. It seems like the perfect time to do that...