Use Your Humor Sense

Good Humor. It is on this mental state that the higher states of consciousness are developed. When you are experiencing Good Humor, you are usually doing something you like. You are focused on doing a simple pleasant task or a hobby you are good at.

The Flow

This state is similar, I think, to the Flow State, that they speak of in the field of Positive Psychology. When you are in The Flow, you are functioning at your creative best. You can see, feel, hear, taste, and even smell acutely. It is a pleasant state of consciousness to be in The Flow, in the Good Humor dimension. Are you in the "altared state" of Good Humor now, in this moment? If you're not, try some of these very effective techniques to put you there in no time at all.

Wacky Humor

One quick and easy way to access the Good Humor state of consciousness is by telling or hearing and reading jokes of a whimsical nature. Sometimes called "corny" humor, jokes of this type of humor are easily appreciated by people of all ages.

For example: A duck walks into a pharmacy and says to the cashier, "Give me some chap stick and put it on my bill."

Transcendental Humor

The koan is a paradox to be meditated upon by the Zen Buddhist monk in training. The activity of the koan in consciousnsess seems to be to force the student to abandon rational thinking and facilitate intuitive thought.

For example: "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" This is the question the master asks the student. In attempting to answer the question, the student is quite naturally invited to explore this other dimension of Good Humor. Enlightenment has been known to occur during this exploration. This seems to suggest a connection between intuition and humor.

Gallows Humor

Humor with death as the subject matter, is quite helpful for some people. This type of humor may work for us by allowing us to make fun of death, and thus, take the fear out of death, at least temporarily.

For example: A woman goes to a psychic who tells her: "Your husband is about to die a violent death."
The woman takes a deep breath and asks, "Will I be acquitted?"

Listening to Laughter

Another simple and quite natural way to enter the Good Humor dimension of consciousness, is to listen to laughter. Try listening to the laughter of children at a school yard, for example, while they are playing their games at recess.

You can also just put on a comedy album or listen to our Good Humor Soundscape, to immediately induct your consciousness into the Good Humor state.

Click on the link and notice how quickly and easily your mood brightens when you listen to this 60 second MP3.
Good Humor Soundscape

Read the Books

In our Seth books, Seth describes how you can use this state of elementary ecstasy called Good Humor, to begin to create Positive Realities. The secret is to make your practice of Good Humor an ongoing thing.

As you get very good at creating Good Humor, you may naturally find that you are already creating more positive realities for yourself and others.

Good Luck!